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Frontier was amazing! I had so much anxiety but they have supported me so well.
- BD Dec 2021
Frontier was amazing! They were always in contact and guided me every step of the way, even in my first weeks in London.
- AS Nov 2021
Frontier offered me extensive support.
- SN Dec 2021
I was really impressed that Frontier kept the communication to find out how I was settling and provided support.
- CZ Nov 2021

Recruit your
ideal candidate

We work alongside you to both attract candidates and support you through every step of the recruitment process, from interviewing, selection, legal checks and advice on visa applications, to ongoing aftercare for both candidates and clients.

Our Services

Frontier Consulting is proud to highlight our growth and success in the healthcare industries across the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Australia.

We are skilled across several sectors, providing end-to-end expert services that meet a wide range of needs for your business.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing & Consultancy
Perm Recruitment & Executive Search

Services Overview



RPO & Consultancy Services

Frontier Consulting offers a comprehensive turnkey solution designed to streamline our clients’ recruitment processes. Our focus areas include reducing the average time to hire by efficiently filling specialist roles that are continually in demand across multiple disciplines. Our services offer significant cost savings compared to equivalent agency spending and include advanced reporting and evaluation tools.

Our community consists of subject matter experts in crucial areas relevant to our clients. These areas include (but are not limited to) housing, finance, health and social care, children’s services, people and place, HR, organizational development, and service redesign. Our experts are equipped to undertake specific projects, providing crucial learning opportunities that help organizations evolve, learn, and excel.

Additionally, our services are enhanced with learning opportunities to ensure continuous improvement and are delivered onsite, seamlessly integrated within your organization rather than alongside it.


Local Permanent Recruitment & Executive Search


Our division specializes in the permanent recruitment of Qualified Social Workers at all levels, facilitating their seamless transition between UK local authorities and organizations. Whether you’re seeking entry-level professionals or seasoned experts, partnering with us guarantees access to dedicated, highly qualified individuals who align perfectly with your specific needs and standards.

At Frontier Consulting, we are dedicated to maintaining a robust pipeline of social workers and other healthcare professionals. This commitment ensures that you consistently have access to a diverse pool of top-tier candidates, ready to meet your staffing requirements promptly and effectively.

By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, you can confidently navigate the complexities of workforce management, knowing that we are committed to supporting your organization’s success with tailored recruitment solutions that exceed expectations.



International Recruitment


We partner closely with you to attract top candidates and support every step of the recruitment and resettlement process, including interviewing, selection, legal checks, and visa application advice.

We also provide ongoing aftercare for both candidates and clients. Working with us can reduce your overall agency costs, allowing you to reallocate funds toward enhancing your services.

If your essential healthcare service is facing skill shortages, whether it be nursing, social work, allied health, radiography, occupational therapy, Educational Psychology and more, we commit to boosting your permanent workforce and enhancing service delivery.

We have access to all major job boards in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Canada, Asia, and across Europe, maximizing your chances of finding candidates that perfectly match your needs.


Client Journey

Outlining job advert

We agree on the content of the job advert with you and will use the organisation’s logo if required to generate greater exposure.


All candidates will be screened to ensure they have a minimum of two years’ post-qualification experience and a proficient level of English.


The CVs of suitable candidates will be sent to you, after which you can opt for a longlisting exercise where candidates undertake a short online case study.

Shortlisting to interview

The case study exercise allows clients to shortlist the most suitable candidates and invite them to interview. If the interview is to be conducted over video conferencing, we can arrange this at your location, a different venue or the Frontier offices, using up-to-date equipment to ensure interview quality.

Placement, resettlement and aftercare

With 24 hour on-call support, we are here to make sure your candidate arrives and settles in without a hitch. We collate all the necessary candidate documents including compliance and personnel files. For candidates coming from outside your country, we advise on visa requirements, registration of professional bodies and legislative information before their arrival.

Our dedicated team offers all aspects of resettlement as part of our comprehensive international recruitment service or as a standalone “resettlement only” package.

You won’t need this, but...

If a candidate leaves within 13 weeks, we will refund you 100% of our fees. Between 13-16 weeks it is 50%, 16-20 weeks 25%, and 20-26 weeks 10%.

If you’re a potential client considering our services, we hope these  case studies provide you with a clear view of what you can expect when partnering with us. We look forward to assisting you in your recruitment journey.

Barking & Dagenham London Borough Council Case Study


Barking & Dagenham London Borough Council

Coventry City Council Case Study


Coventry City Council

North East Lincolnshire Case Study



Innovative Recruitment for Camden’s Children’s Services


London Borough of Camden

Frontier Recruitment’s Impactful Partnership with WSCC


West Sussex County Council